In this section you can find a scoring table for level two bridge. As we add more videos, and you expand your knowledge and experience, we will include key messages on the topics covered in the each of the videos.

Scoring for Level Two Bridge

As you learned in Module 4, contracts and scoring start above the 6th trick, which we think of as the baseline. As declarer, you set a contract to make a certain number of tricks, either with one suit as trumps, or in no- trumps. A contract at the 1 level - for example, one diamond or one no trump - means you have to make one trick above the baseline, so seven tricks in total. A contract at the 4 level says you think you can make four more tricks than the baseline, so ten tricks in total, and so on.

If you successfully make your contract, your score consists of two elements: the TRICK SCORE and a BONUS.

Your trick score gives you points for each trick you take above the baseline of six, and those points depend not just on the number of tricks, but also the trump suit of the contract.

Clubs and diamonds (minors) ♣ = 20 points per trick (above six)
Hearts and spades (majors) = 30 points each (above six)
No-trumps (NT) = 40 points for the first trick (above six), then 30 points for each subsequent trick

The size of the bonus depends on whether you have bid and made a PART SCORE, GAME or SLAM contract.

Part score (trick score less than 100) = 50 point bonus
Game (trick score at least 100) = 300 point bonus
Small slam (12 tricks, any suit/NT) = 500 point bonus in addition to game bonus
Grand slam (13 tricks, any suit/NT) = 1000 point bonus in addition to game bonus

Note that you only get those game or slam bonuses if you have bid the game or slam contract. You will get the trick scores as long as you make your contract at any level, but the bonus score depends on the level you have bid to as well as on making the contract.


If you fail to make the number of tricks required by your contract, then for each UNDERTRICK, each trick you failed to make as part of your contract, your opponents will score 50 points.