Time to get the cards in the air! Instructions on how to play the first of our stripped down bridge variants, along with info on how you can practice online.


Hints and tips can be found below!


So now you know how to play Level 1 bridge, here are a couple of tips that will help you to win more tricks.

If you are declarer, figure out where you are most likely to make your tricks when you first see the dummy. You want to be playing the suits in which you and your partner together hold the most cards. Even if you have aces in the other, ‘shorter’ suits between you, concentrate on playing the longer suits - you will win more tricks in the end this way.

Similarly, if you are defending, lead a card from the longest suit in your hand at the start so that you and your partner can start to set up tricks in that suit as soon as possible.

As declarer, think about how to make sure your side can play all of the winning cards between your hands and try to make sure you don’t get the lead stuck in one hand when the winners are in the other hand. It’s worth taking a minute at the start of the hand to look at how and when you plan to get from one hand to the other. Experience will help you get the hang of issues like this but it’s good to start thinking about it right from the start.

As defenders, watch which suits declarer starts playing first because that will give you some clues about which ones you and your partner should be concentrating on.

Try to remember which high cards have been played in the suits that are important to you. It’s very difficult at first to remember all of the cards that have been played so just count the played cards in your longest suit, for example, or watch out for when the ace has been played in a suit where you have the king.

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