The New Tricks Team

Sue Johnson

Founder and Trustee

Sue writes the tutorial scripts, spearheads the soon-to-be-launched Bridge for Schools initiative, empathises with the learners and wields a metaphorical big stick around all those involved with the project.

Steve Root

Co-founder and Technical Consultant

Steve is a professional bridge player who selected many of the hands for the tournament series and is on hand to deal with all bridge-related questions.

Dermot Hunt

Video Creator and Editor

Dermot has created the tutorial videos and designed the layout and graphics of all videos, as well as doing the ongoing editing of the tournament series.

Shahzaad Natt

Technical Consultant

Shahzaad also selected some of the hands for the tournament series and carried out interviews of the players for the series.

The players, whose biographies you can read here, are our heroes, having given their time so generously to the project.

Our commentators, David Burn and Marusa Gold (biographies also on the Players page) - also heroes for all their hard work and munificent donation of their time.

Jasper Hunt, the talented and kind donor of our original music for both video series.