Our modular tutorial series is designed to allow you to learn every aspect of the game, from the most fundamental rules of all card games through to advanced concepts such as finessing and bidding conventions. You'll find the available tutorials below, and we will be releasing several more over the next few days.

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Module 1

Card Game Basics

A quick explanation of the fundamentals of all card games.

Module 2

Card Play in No Trumps

Covering the setup of the game, the roles of the four players, and the taking of tricks.

Module 2.1

Play Level One Bridge

The first of our stripped down bridge variants, designed to get you playing ASAP!

Module 3

Card Play With Trumps

Ruff for victory! Not just an explanation, there's lots of essential strategic advice here.

Module 4


A guide to (almost) all of the scoring concepts used in contract bridge.